Friday, July 1, 2011

Real Laundry, Real Friend

As I tossed my tank top in the laundry pile I noticed how worn and stretched it had become.  I thought about the future when the top would again be fresh and crisp, just the way it had been when I bought it.  This is one of those things I love about the whole cycle of laundry.  The clothes stretch with wear and then pop right back into shape as they are laundered.  Following these simple thoughts came a spiritual parallel:

Everyday our minds, bodies, and spirits get used, worn and stretched by life.  How do we stay fresh, crisp, and new?  Experience has taught me that when we share our cares, worries, and desperation's with God, He gives us the strength, love, and hope we need to carry on.  He pops us back into shape through the power of His love.  He fills us up and makes us fresh again.  The cool thing is that even if we lay ourselves down in the worn-out laundry pile for awhile, He is still immediately there when we're ready for a wash.

I know some will easily agree and feel the simplicity of relating to God in this way.  Others may sense an obligation to roll out the red carpet; spend hours setting out fine china and candles, and have a written script edited by the Pope.  I tend to relate with God as a friend.

Friends are wonderful to share ideas with, go to fun places together, "blow-off" steam together, and just talk about life with.  All of these experiences grow connection and trust.  Once in a while I'll talk to an old friend I haven't seen in years and we'll just pick up where we left off as if a moment has never passed.  I've had those same moments with God.  There have been times when I've sunk down into the "everyday", too into myself to make the connection.  Boom!  I'm waddling around in some over-stretched jeans and a sweat-stained t-shirt.  "Gross!  Somebody, do my laundry already!"  And there He is...waiting with arms wide open, to hug and hold dirty, smelly, old me.  He listens, fills, and strengthens, and I am overwhelmed by His love again.  I'm so glad God is there in my everyday.  I'm glad I don't have to handle all of these dirty loads of life alone!


  1. Heather--this is a wonderful read! You have such a talented gift for writing....can't wait to follow your blog and be blessed! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Alicia! I really appreciate your input. I do feel so vulnerable putting my thoughts out there! I'm glad you enjoyed it. That inspires me all the more. There will be more to come soon. I have a whole lot a-brewin'! : )